Viburnum Flowers (c) Max Blinkhorn


The Astley Ainslie Community Trust seeks community ownership of the Astley Ainslie when the NHS moves services offsite. We envision a thriving greenspace, providing health, housing, jobs, and enjoyment—a place that serves all the inhabitants of Edinburgh.

The people of Edinburgh, yes—but also its birds and bugs, its trees and shrubs. The Astley Ainslie is a vital home to many of our most important—and most at-risk—residents.

AACT is an unincorporated association run by a voluntary Executive Committee and various sub-committees. AACT has a constitution with principal objects to promote community ownership of the Astley Ainslie Hospital site and to provide a forum for all individuals who wish to engage in that promotion.

We are working with NHS Lothian, City of Edinburgh Council, and other local groups to explore the potential for community-led development, taking advantage of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, and building on the models of community involvement, control, and ownership trail-blazed in Portobello by community groups Action Porty and Action Westbank.

Featured Image Viburnum Flowers (c) Max Blinkhorn