Astley Ainslie Hospital is situated in South Edinburgh and opened 1923 as the Astley Ainslie Institution to care for convalescents. Local man, David Ainslie left an endowment to set it up and the NHS assumed responsibility for the hospital when it was established 70 years ago.

The NHS is now planning to move out of the Hospital and to dispose of the site.

We have set up the Astley Ainslie Community Trust (AACT) to ensure our local community has a say in deciding how to use this 45-acre space. We are working towards Community Asset Transfer to assure local social, economic and environmental benefit. We recently received Scottish Government Making Places Funding.


Find out more about the trees and flowers, the history of the site, the health benefits, or how to befriend a tree.

Voluntary groups can visit or work in. Rehabilitation through open spaces gardening, planting fruit vegetables. There is already an orchard in front of admin block behind consultants bungalow.  Caroline Beck

Community garden centre

While there is a playground by Saint Peter’s school, it is fairly small and quite urban in nature – metal equipment, padded surface.  An adventure playground could be built to encourage more adventurous play.

An adventure playground