The Astley Ainslie Community Trust is seeking community ownership of the Astley Ainslie Hospital site once the NHS moves its services over the coming years. With community ownership, the site could provide a range of benefits to our local area and the city as a whole.

UPDATE to TENDERING PROCESS: We have made some changes to our feasibility study and business plan tendering process, including extending the deadline. Please read about the changes here.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our February Members’ Meeting will be at 6:30pm Wednesday the 26th at the Morningside United Church, Holy Corner. Please let us know you will be attending by RSVP here.

Under community ownership, all profits would be retained and reinvested within the community. You can read more about the community’s ideas for the future of the Astley Ainslie in our Community Visioning report.

We believe that our local community and Edinburgh as a whole stand to benefit greatly from collective, shared ownership and stewardship of this cherished place.