What’s On?

Tree Charter – 24th November

The Astley Ainslie Hospital grounds represent one of our greatest natural assets – growing nearly 2,000 trees from little saplings to woodland giants. The lands belong to us and are open to the public, (kindly avoid the buildings which house the patients!).
Give yourself the pleasure this week of walking around, looking at trees, listening to birds, and breathing good air.

The Tree Charter
The UK Woodland Trust has set up a tree charter for us all to sign.
The ten principles behind this are:
  • Combat the threats to our habitats
  • Strengthen our landscapes with trees
  • Sustain landscapes rich in wildlife
  • Celebrate the power of trees to inspire
  • Plant for the future
  • Grow forests of opportunity and innovation
  • Protect irreplaceable trees and woods
  • Plan greener local landscapes
  • Recover health, hope and wellbeing with the help of trees
  • Make trees accessible to all
The Tree Charter has an impressive history, specifically in England where the original charter was signed in 1217 and stood as a declaration of essential rights to open land alongside to the political demands of Magna Carta. We need to reassert that right to our own natural habitat.

Walking with Trees – 17th November


Photographer: Sara Stevenson – Sweet chestnut, Astley Ainslie Hospital

Join us in for a free tree walk in the Astley Ainslie hospital grounds on Saturday 17th. November from 10.30 a.m. to 12 a.m. Look at amazing trees with local forester, Willie McGhee. Make friends with a tree!

To find out more about the walk and to book your place, Contact Us, indicating ‘tree walk’.  Further information can be found here: WALKING WITH TREE participants info November 2018.

Please note that this event is popular and early booking recommended.

Befriending a Tree

We are encouraging community members to befriend trees within the Astley Ainslie.  Michele and Sara have produced a number of leaflets with additional information on some of the species to be found in the grounds.  More information is available here.