Invitation to Tender – Q&A

If you’re visiting this page, then you must have confirmed your interest in tendering to help develop our feasibility study and business plan for community ownership of the Astley Ainslie Hospital site. Thank you for your continued interest! We are excited to make a success of this would-be-transformative project for Edinburgh and Scotland.

This page was intended to provide you all with the list of all the questions asked by any tenderer along with our responses, so that you could all have access to the same information. Far and away the most common question we received was along the lines of, “Have any questions been asked?”, or, “Could you please send along the Q&A link?” We’re glad to know you expect your peers to ask good questions!

Aside from that, we only received the following question:

Q: Do you know if there have been any site surveys (e.g. asbestos surveys), and will we have access to them?

A: We understand that the NHS conducts regular building condition surveys, but beyond knowing of their existence, we unfortunately have no further information at this time. We have asked to obtain copies of these surveys. Moreover, as noted in the ITT, “Where required for the realistic assessment of capital costs, and if baseline information is not available from NHS Lothian, AACT will commission building condition surveys for relevant structures independently and separately”.