Donate to the Astley Ainslie Community Trust

The Astley Ainslie Community Trust (AACT) was established in 2018 by local people with a vision of community ownership, which we hope to achieve by the process known as asset transfer. AACT is an unincorporated association relying essentially on volunteer work.

At this stage, we would find money helpful to assist in the practicalities – such issues as printing leaflets, further web design and the hire of public space. Any donations will be much appreciated, and will be used in the work to bring our vision of a community-owned site at the Astley Ainslie to life.

And we will, naturally, welcome a major philanthropist with open arms, to achieve the wonderful reality we will all be aiming for.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Donate £10 to the Astley Ainslie Community Trust